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Got to Shake It Up Now w Allee Willis – Tummelvision 5

Episode 5 – Download the Show

The 80s title of today’s show comes from Stir It Up one of many hits written by our guest Allee Willis who creates in layers, in many mediums and is a pioneering social artist. Allee works in music, video animation, visual art, painting, digital forms, kitsch and in party throwing. Her focus on process and collaboration heart and pioneering tech and web understanding makes her the ur Tummelvision guest (not to mention her collection of 15 cowbells which she pulled out to play with us).

Allee’s full-length bio and very deep and engaging site are worth a real visit to get at the richness and creativity in what she is doing. A short list includes these credits: September, Boogie Wonderland, Theme Song From Friends, score for musical The Color Purple, motorized paintings that go with her hit What Have I Done To Deserve This, kitsch collaboratioins with the Del Rubio Triplets and 90 year old drummer Jerrie

Tummelvision peeps called her the Hugh Hefner of tech upon hearing that Allee has 42,000 terrabytes of data in her own server room.

If you only have time to watch one Tummelvision, make it this one. Although we think it will lead you to more. This awesome conversation made it clear that Tummelvision is picking up on a path Allee began to cut as early as 1991 to focus attention in Silicon Valley and Hollywood on the collaborative possibilities of art that is networked and never-ending.

She’s offered to come back and we’d like to find a way for everyone who’s part of the budding Tummelvison community to collaborate on a song or playing music together live. Any suggestions or software or platform recommendations are welcome.

Give the show a listen (video coming soon) and check out Allee’s stuff and buy some. to enjoy it and support her ability to make more. And let us know how you’d like to do a mass collaboration with her and Tummelvision.

This week’s links

tone and privacy / security – Kevin

Social Web Tummeling Kevin’s prezi

Obama speaks to GOP – Tummler in chief

Allee WIllis

interactive media festival 1994

Editing is Cool – Process

Hey Jerrie

Del Rubio Triplets

Allee Willis Smock It To Me Party

allee willis museum of kitsch

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Caught Up in You w/ Kathy Sierra Tummelvision Ep. 4

Episode 4 – Download the Show

Kathy Sierra joined us for a great conversation about her biggest passion: you. Note-worthy moments and themes:

• How do you create excellent experiences for users
• Clay Shirky’s recent rant about women, wishing they’d show more chutzpah and self-promotion
• a useful unself promotion approach to work and social media presence than “personal branding.” It’s certainly working for Kathy.
• Why follower counts aren’t the thing to pay attention to
• the iPad’s social possibilities both online and between real life and online.
• Deb quoted the Talmud tonight, Kathy Sierra Daniel Pink and me QVC. That’s range!
• Deb got a cowbell, Heather grabbed a hairbrush and Kevin rocked out
• We never wanna get ourselves free. This week’s song is so very cowbell worthy.
• Books mentioned: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (P.S.)– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Kathy dropped his name all casual-like) and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
– Daniel Pink

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They’re Watching You w/Heather Champ and George Oates. Tummelvision Ep 3

Episode 3 – Download the Show

Deb and Kevin chat with two of the women who helped make what gets called “community” in the “web 2.0” world work. Heather videos in from the airport for a minute. Champ and Oates were both involved in the creation of Flickr, considered the first real “web 2.0” site and a model of a strong community using social media. There’s no one who knows more about what design and community features and human interactions affect social engagement online. Champ and Oates are insightful and witty. They’re the opposite of Big Brother. But they are watching you.

Thanks to Director of Community at Flickr Heather Champ and Lead for the Open Library at Internet Archive George Oates.

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