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Games People Play w/Nicole Lazarro. Tummelvision Ep.2

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Thanks to guest game designer Nicole Lazzaro

What we discussed this week.

•Nicole’s thoughts on CES trends. The game world is missing the social experience. Nicole’s ideas on how games create emotion. Daniel Floyd’s great video on why video games are missing a broader female audience. Relational and social thinking is the key. If your goal is to get people engaged and involved then you are beginning to think like a tummler.

•Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg implies that privacy is dead. How does being public help you tummel and engage people?

•Vanity Fair on social media “twilebrities.” Gawker wasn’t impressed either. Anil Dash noted, in a typically thoughtful piece, that no one has over a million followers. We are quite sure than follower numbers don’t matter as much as most people assume they do.

•Tummeling Technique: Heather explained the importance of going first via the infamous Sasquatch Dance Party video.

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